Our Story

In 2012, scientists at the nanomaterials lab at the University of Oxford discovered and patented a way to create a solid-state miniature atomic clock. LocatorX has since partnered with the University of Oxford to scale the process and bring the technology to market for commercial usage as a component in the Global Resource Locator (#US9841494B2). As part of the partnership, LocatorX now has exclusive rights to the solid-state miniature atomic clock patent.

Once scaled, the patented Global Resource Locator will enable real-time tracking of any asset – both indoors and outdoors – at a low per-unit cost, without the need of installing expensive beacon systems. 

As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues its rapid growth, the Global Resource Locator will seamlessly integrate into any device or product to enable accurate and timely location tracking. 

Though the Global Resource Locator is still being developed for mass production, LocatorX is creating a suite of products to improve product and tracking information leading up to the release of the Global Resource Locator.