As a private investor Max Gainer currently serves as President of a variety of closely held entities. He also serves as a Vice President for Gainer Brothers Inc., engaging in numerous activities including derivative-based insurance, public market securities, commercial real estate, timberlands and agriculture.

Previously, Max was a Founding Director and former Vice Chairman of Cygnet Financial Corporation and Cygnet Private Bank, a de-novo banking institution, which sold to Florida Bank Group in 2007. 

Max began his professional career in 1984 with Barnett Banks, Inc. and its affiliates and for a brief period, First Chicago, focusing on commercial real estate, corporate lending, commercial real estate mortgage securitization, business development, management, planning and credit extension. 

Max holds a bachelor’s degree in financial management from Clemson University and volunteers with local youth sports, as well as various religious, educational and charitable organizations in his free time.

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