The core of LocatorX’s solution is its integrated tracking, validation and security platform.  Each of the following components works together to ensure you can track each tag from its digital birth certificate until its arrival or delivery to the intended destination.  


Our integrated knowledge platform that provides context-specific insights into your tagged assets. From constant monitoring of location, journey, and change of ownership, to increasing consumer engagement, LXConnect™ is the window you've always needed for assets.

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Certified Event Log™

An encrypted "chain of trust" from the first tag through every change of ownership. Stop guessing what happened to your assets and when. Consider this your transaction of truth.

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Certified Security Architecture™

We utilize advanced encryption so your data remains private and completely under your ownership. And our array of secure APIs ensure your connection to the LocatorX ecosystem is seamless.

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Certificate Authority™

Combat counterfeit goods (the multi-billion dollar elephant in the room) and keep your reputation strong with a verified, authentic certification process. Give your customers peace of mind knowing the validity and authenticity of your products.

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