ConnectX is a new and dramatically enhanced type of A-B testing, allowing brands to have control and a direct connection with their customers at sophisticated levels that were not possible before. Using our tools, your marketing teams and partners can help you connect and stay connected to your shoppers and buyers for years to come.

ConnectX is a new way of implementing Test Protocols based on LocatorX’s Certified QR Code (CQR) and Connect Pages, both of which are designed for interactive marketing, asset tracking, and trust of information.

Stakeholder Benefits


  • Offer special coupons for in-store purchases
  • Cross-sell by offering promotions for other products your brand owns
  • Connect with your customers via surveys
  • Offer post-purchase promotions
  • Issue alerts or recalls to your distributors and consumers
  • Receive alerts if any products have been counterfeited
  • Know if any product has been diverted

Ad Agency/Label Design

  • Easily design many call-to-action labels and Connect Pages for shoppers and consumers
  • Help generate more revenue for your clients and provide reports via the ConnectX engine
  • Receive instant feedback on marketing campaigns
  • Change your campaign at any time, even many months after the product was sold


  • POS supports 2D barcode scanning today; track precisely what was sold to whom
  • Via LocatorX’s SDK your application developer partner can provide your app solution to consumers which then:
    • Enables consumers to “return” goods without going to the store
    • Collects more data about the product
    • Allows for easy processing of recalls
    • Alerts users when a product is about to expire
  • Offer in-store/buy-now coupons with a short promo video
  • Entice users with a reward for downloading the app in store

Shopper/End User

  • Read expiration dates easily using your cell phone (no more dealing with worn or illegible dates)
  • Read product information in your native language
  • Receive increased product detail
  • Directly ask manufacturers a question by opening an instant voice to text chat session
  • Find out if there’s another coupon available when one is about to expire
  • Rate and review products
  • Share products via social media
  • With one scan, recall products can be removed from the shelf and made not available for sale

LocatorX’s CQR provides a cloud-based security framework and data structure to generate unique product codes. Each smartphone scan instantly authenticates and provides location data, opening a digital pathway to engage stakeholders. This new interactive engagement provides a host of business intelligence fed back to manufacturers, distributors, retailers and consumers. Create different dynamic Connect Pages at any time to enable rapid, low-cost implementations for any printed label.

Connect Pages

Connect Pages offer a new, dynamic value through interactive engagement, enabling rapid, low-cost implementations for any CQR. Each Connect Page can be built and deployed relatively easily. As a client, you can choose whether you want the LocatorX development team to build the Connect Page(s) for your specific use case or we can route (redirect) the scan request to your own endpoint.

The Connect Page provides live experience data for end users and valuable engagement data for manufacturers, distributors, retailers and marketing agencies.

Manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and marketing agencies, among others, can create a channel for exchanging information directly with end users in the field about specific products. Effectively, products with CQRs are provided with unique identification numbers which enable complete lifecycle tracking.

Connect Page Functions

  • Coupons and Rewards
  • Report Stolen Goods
    • Using upload picture
    • Using entry form
  • Questions + Concerns
  • Report Feedback
    • Damage Goods
    • Expired Food
  • Product Review
  • Returns
  • Recalls
  • Asset Location
  • Surveys
    • Using initial query, you can branch to any survey of choice
  • Asset Tracking
  • Alerts
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Inventory Management
  • App Engagement
  • Consumer Rewards Share
    • Social Media
    • SMS
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