Roadmap – CQR

Version 2

LocatorX is delivering functionality to ease the implementation of testing protocols and tracking products. In this functional product release, the reference implementation of our technology’s main tracking and tracing capabilities intended for our marketing technical partners will be ready. The reference implementation and sample code will help build TestX and TrackX capabilities for all of our partners in the manufacturing industry.

Version 3

In this release, clients will have the ability to register and manage the creation of CQR batches, assets, users, profiles and roles. Also, clients will be able to run reports via the portal or schedule a report to be delivered to either an email inbox or server at any time.

Clients will be able to create their own data storage endpoints where they can store their event data via LocatorX’s distributed blockchain technology.

Version 4

In this version, we’re releasing functionality that will allow the DevApps to link assets in multiple levels of hierarchy.

Virtual and unknown assets can be created by simply uploading an image, and they can be linked to a CQR at any time.

Asset events workflow will be available and configurable by the DevApp by linking Connect Pages to any of the trigger types.