Disruptive Molecular Technology

At LocatorX, we’re enabling business and customers to keep track of anything, anywhere. Our location technologies are based on the patented, molecular-sized, solid-state atomic clock (US8217724) technology created by the nanomaterials lab at the University of Oxford (see details here).   

Conventional atomic clocks are used in GPS satellites to help measure distances, but it would be costly and inefficient to place GPS receivers on individual products while moving through the supply chain. At most, you might have GPS on an individual truck or shipment. In addition, traditional GPS tracking won’t work indoors and can be obscured by terrain around the product.  That’s where costly beacon systems typically have been used to help companies identify and track products. 

By using solid-state, miniature atomic clocks, we can enable precise indoor and outdoor location tracking, with a single technology, using existing cell towers.  Since we’re leveraging existing cell towers (and any new ones as they come online), we’ll have global coverage without creating any new infrastructure. 

All it will take to “turn on” is the addition of our patented Global Resource Locator (GRL) to any part of your manufacturing or shipping process.  They’re smaller than the tip of a pencil, so can be added to any product or component, or just applied to the shipping label to accurately track and store product location information.  They’ll be manufactured at scale, so individual GRL devices can be manufactured for mere pennies.  

GRL enabled chips and labels will create new revenue opportunities for companies and users to track not only trucks but also pallets, cases, and individual products.  GRL enabled products and labels will be able to monitor, store, and report a wide range of product information, location data, handling events, and environmental data.   

This information will be available for both businesses and consumers, creating transparency in the process and building consumer trust.  

In every licensed chip, there will be industry standard electronic bar codes and Universally Unique Identifiers (UUIDs) from to insure interoperability with all major manufacturing categories including Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG).   

Security You Can Trust

By incorporating hardware-based encryption and Blockchain event log tracking in every product, we are building a brand consumers and corporations will learn they can trust — across multiple industries and product offerings.  

Leveraging the existing base of cell towers for billions of smartphones, our solid-state miniature atomic clock technology will enable “self-location” anywhere in the world. This capability combined with public/private key pairs and UUIDs burned into each chip creates the foundation of trust.  

GRL enabled products will know:  

  • When they are within an owner’s geo-fence, obeying accordingly in terms of what data is transmitted or not.  
  • When they’re in a manufacturing facility, they only store and transmit the data you explicitly ask for.   
  • When purchased by a consumer, they’ll have full control and can easily “turn off” the ability to record or transmit data if they so choose.  

GRL enabled products will include on-chip Blockchain logging of all “transactions” from creation and packaging through delivery. This provides a guarantee of product authenticity and quality that is automatic, transparent, informative, and trustworthy.