Global Resource Locator

The Global Resource Locator (GRL) is built using our patented solid-state molecular atomic clock (#US9841494B2). Each device can be manufactured for just pennies, will seamlessly integrate into any existing or new manufacturing process or supply chain, and provide accurate and reliable location tracking of anything you need to track or find. We’re currently in the final engineering phase with Dr. Khbeis of the University of Washington Nanofabrication Facility where we’re perfecting our methods for adding our man-made molecules to the final step of silicon wafer manufacturing. The design will be used by our Strategic Licensing Partners to create GRL enabled devices of any type.
Features Global Resource Locator IoT + GPS Devices
Automated high-speed inventory
Works on 3 Billion iOS+Android devices
Indoors Location Tracking
Energy Harvesting Technology (no additional batteries)
Unique Product ID / Serial No
Certified Security / Blockchain Log
Dynamic product page