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Because X Marks The Spot of Your Assets.

80% of companies are unable to effectively track their assets

Be Able

1 million
F-35 spare parts are lost over five years

Be Aware

$72 billion - Annual US Drug Diversion Cost

Be Compliant

10-20% of a hospitals mobile assets are lost or stolen during their useful life

Be Proactive

An estimated 520,000 counterfeit or unapproved parts make it into planes annually

Be Sure

As the The Global Provider of Truth, We Ensure Companies Can Develop and Deliver Product With Confidence.

LX Solves The Supply Chain Problem

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Unpredictable supply chains and compliance mandates create a never-ending list of problems to solve—fast.

Our LX platform combined with our tracking technologies enables you to keep a virtual digital eye on your products across the entire journey, not just at the scanning points of entry and exit. We provide a 360-degree, real-time line of sight at the individual item level.

Know exactly where every item is in real-time from manufacturing to storage in the warehouse, to the moment it leaves the warehouse and is on the move to the destination.
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Data drives your business decisions and enables you to be proactive rather than reactive.

LX provides critical data for understanding provenance including your manufacturing, inventory, asset, and logistical trends and issues.

Leverage the data directly within the LX platform or feed the data into your existing WMS, CRM, and ERP applications to accelerate processes and make real-time informed decisions.

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Safety, brand, and reputation are at risk for every company, every day.

Counterfeit products and parts enter the supply chain at an alarming rate. According to the National Crime Prevention Council, counterfeiting is the largest illicit trade with
$2 trillion worth of counterfeit products sold annually.

LX empowers you to take control of your supply chain and ensure the products and parts you receive and distribute are authentic. Know where you product was made, when it was made, who made it.

The LX Solution Suite

A diagram showing the LX Suite moving from selecting a hardware, applying digital fingerprint, select the User Interface and then gain insight into the data collected.

LX Patented Digital Fingerprint

Our patented technology creates a unique LX Digital Fingerprint providing a trackable product identifier from the birth of a product through its entire lifecycle. Since the data we collect is stored in a blockchain-like structure, you are in control of deciding what data is transferred to the next stage or owner.

Our Digital Fingerprint can also be associated with pre-existing identifiers to become the single source of truth.

LX Eliminates Hardware Barriers

We are your single source to supply the hardware that meets your specific needs including Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Near Field Communication (NFC), Long Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN), and Global Positioning System (GPS) all in one single view.

We provide the hardware to support the solution rather than solution for the hardware. Our priority is to ensure you can capture the data you need regardless of the modality used to collect it.

Access LX Data How You Want

We empower you to access the data from our platform in the way that best supports your processes. Leverage our LX Connect interface to access the data and reports. Or connect our data feed with your existing UI.

LocatorX is also available as an app built natively for the Salesforce platform.
Salesforce Summit Partner logo.  A blue background with the Salesforce blue cloud icon and the partner designation listed below.

Leverage LX Insights

Feed the extensive amounts of data collected through our Digital Fingerprint into your external systems for advanced analytics and reporting capabilities. Leverage the data with your AI engine to develop robust predictive analytics and next best actions.

Uncover Value Across Industries.

Military saluting with clouds behind

Aerospace & Defense

  • Optimize inventory management and control measures
  • Ensure readiness and reduce equipment downtime
  • Enable provenance and pedigree management  
  • Establish trust and prove authentication
  • Manage risk and enable precise coordination
  • Facilitate logbook / record accuracy and traceability  
Pills that have spilled onto a table.


  • Prevent drug diversion in
  • Gain 100% real-time global visibility through the last mile
  • Automate compliance reports and reduce turnaround from days to minutes
  • Enhance chain of custody to support DSCSA mandates
  • Optimize routes and deliveries
  • Accelerate revenue recognition
Medical device focus


  • Eliminate annual insurance write-offs; know exactly where devices are at all times
  • Streamline trunk stock & inventory management
  • Ensure on demand response and reporting for recall management
  • Automate and ensure data accuracy
  • Eliminate the risk of stockouts or expired inventory
  • Optimize device management & increase productivity

The LocatorX Difference

Our People

Strong leadership team, Board of Directors, Advisors, and Partners
Our Data Vault

Information only changes ownership when authorized
Our Technology

True real-time visibility for tracking, verification, and prevention
Our Data

Large amounts of data that could be ingested into additional external applications
Our Digital Fingerprint

Our patented unique identifier from the creation of an asset/product through its consumption.
Our Hardware Independence

Supports multiple modalities and allows ingestion of exiting 3rd party tag, QR code, UUID, and barcode.

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