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Keep track of what's important.
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The Trusted Intelligent IoT platform That provides a unique digital fingerprint To Unlock Additional Value for your product lifecycle, supply chain, and beyond.

Gain a 360-degree, real-time global view of your supply chain.

Unpredictable supply chains, hyper-connected consumers, and fierce competition serve up a never-ending list of problems you must solve—fast. Keep a virtual digital eye on your products across the entire journey, not just at the scanning points of entry and exit. Know exactly where your items are in real-time from the moment they leave the warehouse to the final destination and beyond.

Leverage the extensive amount of data collected in the LocatorX platform to proactively engage throughout the supply chain process.
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LocatorX eliminates hardware barriers. Track your assets and products, and visualize their location in real-time by displaying them in an intuitive, blockchain enabled platform.

LocatorX is your single source to supply the best-of-breed hardware that meets your specific needs including Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), LoRaWAN, satellite and GPS all in one single view.
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Now Available on Salesforce AppExchange

We have built a version of our robust platform natively for the Salesforce platform enabling customers with the ability to leverage our platform directly within Salesforce. Learn more about LocatorX for Salesforce.

Know More, Move Faster

With LocatorX, the business insights are limitless.

Track Your

Go beyond only tracking the vehicle. Get details at the individual item or package level.

Manage Your Inventory

We equip you with the tools you need to locate and track your inventory, so you know what you've got and where it is.

Engage Your

We enable you to deliver personalized brand experiences to your customers post-purchase—provide instructions, register products, offer promotions, and more.

Protect Your Brand

We empower your distributors and customers to identify legitimate products and automatically notify you when counterfeit products are scanned.
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Here's How We Do It.

We work with you to understand your specific challenges. Together, we pinpoint how we can harness the power of your location data to optimize your operations and enhance your customer’s experience.


We provide a unique digital fingerprint that uniquely identifies every asset or every individual product you want to track or locate.


We capture location and other data from the warehouse through delivery as they travel to market or when your products and assets are used in your business.


We capture an extensive amount of data that could be leveraged to engage proactively throughout the product lifecycle and supply chain journey.

LocatorX Named One of the
“Top 100 Most Promising Tech Startups in the United States”

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With supply chains becoming truly global, it is critical for manufacturers and retailers to have visibility at every step of the way. LocatorX is making that vision a reality through cutting-edge technologies that empower businesses to deliver their goods on time, with confidence.”

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August 2020

A Unique Digital Fingerprint Empowers You With Data.

LocatorX provides you with insights that you can leverage to be proactive and engaging.
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