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With LX You Can Be Confident Your Parts Are Legitimately Sourced and Not Counterfeited or from Unapproved Locations.

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Our patented LX Digital Fingerprint captures critical part, chain of custody, inventory, and logistical data and stores it in our encrypted Data Vault.

Because it is maintained in our secure, blockchain-like structure, you decide what information is passed along through the process from manufacturing through delivery. This ensures that only authorized individuals have access to the information.

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1 million
F-35 spare parts are lost over five years

An estimated 520,000 counterfeit
or unapproved parts make it into planes annually

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Maintaining detailed independent, yet associated records is critical when managing products comprised of multiple components. Our LX Suite enables you to capture data for each component and store the information in our Data Vault with a parent-child relationship.

Because each individual component has a LX Digital Fingerprint associated, you can quickly produce a report detailing where every part is in storage as well as in the field as part of a larger product.

Having access to this data in real-time ensures safety as well as saves time, money, and your reputation.

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