Ensure compliance, track products in real-time, and protect brand  

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LX enables you to keep a Virtual Digital Eye on your pharmaceuticals across the entire journey.

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We enable you to collect critical information that helps you accelerate value and be proactive through the process. We apply our patented LX Digital Fingerprint to each product, providing a 360-degree, real-time line of sight at the individual product level. Know exactly where every item is in real-time from manufacturing, in storage, to the moment it leaves the warehouse and is on the move, until it reaches its destination.

Every individual LX Digital Fingerprint collects extensive amounts of data that is stored in your blockchain-based data vault. As the pharmaceutical moves through the supply chain, you determine what information is shared about the product and what remains in the data vault for only your records.

$72 Billion - Cost of Drug Diversion Annually in the US

$12.5 Billion - Cost of Medicaion Inventory Write-offs Annually

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The Power of LX for Pharma

Comply with Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) Compliance Mandates
- Facilitate the exchange of information at the individual package level Improve efficiency of recalls
- Enable prompt response to suspect and illegitimate products when found
- Create transparency and accountability in the drug supply chain

Streamline Drug Sample and Inventory Management  
-Eliminate lost inventory and insurance write-offs
-Automate inventory updates  
-Reduce stockouts

Automate Drug Recall Management Programs
-Know exactly where products are located at all times, in real-time
-Create compliance reports quick and on demand
-Leverage data intelligence with external AI capabilities to save time and manpower

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