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80% of companies are unable to effectively track their assets

Be Able

68% increase in the amount of cargo thefts in 2023

Be Proactive

Leverage LX Data Intelligence
Across The Entire Supply Chain

Image showing how a product moves through a supply chain from manufacturing to shipping to a warehouse through delivery to the final destination where the parts are used.  This map shows parts of an airplane wing.

How LX Works:

1. Apply LocatorX Digital Fingerprint

Our patented technology creates a unique intelligent product identifier from the birth of an asset through its lifecycle. Our LX Digital Fingerprint is encrypted ensuring that the information is accessible by only the authorized parties.

Our Digital Fingerprint can be applied anywhere – directly on the product, printed on labels, or applied to our array of IoT sensors/trackers, ensuring you can collect data and actively or passively track items for all use cases.  

We are also able to ingest data from existing identifiers including barcodes, UUIDs, serial numbers, and QR codes into our Digital Fingerprint ensuring it is the single source of truth for the product’s lifecycle.

2. Track inventory on-the-move

Associate the logistical tracking data to ensure 360-degree, real-time visibility of each asset in transit. Create geofence parameters when on the move or within a facility to be alerted for any route anomalies or deviations. In addition to location, we also monitor temperature, humidity, altitude and speed enabling you to be alerted so that you can be proactive due to temperature fluctuations and transit delays.  

Our hardware agnostic approach enables us to be your single source to supply the best-of-breed hardware that meets your specific needs including Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Near Field Communication (NFC), Long Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN), GPS all in one single view.

3. Locate inventory in the warehouse

Know exactly where your assets are in real-time regardless of if they are on the move or in the yard or warehouse. Get visibility of the asset to the location at a detailed level including the aisle and shelf.

4. Build and maintain with confidence

Be confident that the assets are legitimately sourced and not counterfeited or from unapproved locations. Know when the asset was made, where the asset was made, and who made the asset.

5. Ensure authenticity and provenance

Automatic documentation of each item’s journey enhances chain of custody and enables advanced reporting to support audits and compliance mandates. Maintain a detailed record of truth for every parent/child asset relationship in the hierarchy.

LX Your Way

The flexibility of LX enables you to access the data in the way that best meets your needs.

LX Platform: Leverage our entire platform when you need a comprehensive solution that provides not only the data but also the User Interface (UI) to view and track assets, create reports, and analyze information. LX can be deployed on-prem, in the cloud, or to a private cloud.

LX Data Feed: If you already have a preferred User Interface (UI) through your WMS, ERP, or CRM, leverage our REST APIs to feed your data directly into your existing platform or data lake.  

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