Know where medical devices are at all times

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LX Ensures You Have real-time visibility, Can Optimize Your inventory, and Automate recall processes

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We go beyond knowing where your device is located. We arm you with critical data associated with the device so that you can be proactive and compliant throughout the device's entire lifecycle.    

Our patented LX Digital Fingerprint is applied to each product, providing a 360-degree, real-time line of sight at the individual asset level. Know exactly where every asset is from manufacturing, in storage, from the moment it leaves the warehouse and is on the move, until it reaches its destination.

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10-20% of a hospital's mobile assets are lost or stolen during their useful life

Up to 4 weeks - Length of time it could take for a provider to be notified of a recall

60 minutes+ - Amount of time personnel spend trying to locate equipment per shift

Watch how LX + Salesforce Transforms MedTech Trunk Stock and Sample Inventory Management

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The Power of LX for MedTech

Optimize inventory management & reordering  
-Automate inventory updates and initiate reorders to reduce stockouts  
-Ensure data accuracy by ingesting information automatically through the digital fingerprint

Eliminate lost inventory and insurance write-offs
-Know exactly where products are located at all times, in real-time

Automate Device Recall Management Programs
-Create compliance reports quick and on demand
-Leverage data intelligence with external AI capabilities to save time and manpower

Optimize routes and deliveries
-Proactively send notifications prior to delivery to prepare the recipient
-Optimize routes based on known delays and conditions during transit.  

Reduce equipment downtime and patient wait times
-Schedule maintenance based on a predictive schedule for all your assets to ensure equipment is ready when needed  

Manage parent/child relationships for each device
-Quickly and automatically associate and disassociate asset parts by scanning each LX Digital Fingerprint, simplifying replacements and maintenance of assets.

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