Unique 2D Barcode

High-speed digital printing presses that are cost competitive with flexographic printing have enabled consumer packaged goods manufacturers to take advantage of dynamic QR codes on product packaging. Smartphones with instant QR code scanning built into their cameras have enabled instant scanning.

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Current UPC barcodes are at the category level (i.e. cartons of milk, types of laptop). Our Certified Quick Response (CQR) barcodes are each unique, so each label can be placed on any product or package and create a log of information for that specific label or product. They’re fast, easy to print, and can integrate into an existing process. One scan of the CQR label and you can either read or add data to that product’s log. As products move, a simple scan can add time and location information to the data log or tell an individual where something needs to go.


Patented and secure platform for brand owners and retailers to create a new set of exciting ways to connect directly with shoppers.



Encryption and patented location tracking systems for assets within the supply chain and logistics partners.

COMING Mid-2019


Our platform and services are ever evolving, growing and expanding to meet the demands of today's asset tracking industry.

CQR Advantages

Features Certified Quick Response UPC QR Code
Printed on package
Scan with smartphone camera
Read & transmit data
Unique Product ID / Serial No
Certified Security / Blockchain Log
Dynamic location tracking log
Dynamic product page

Behind the CQR

LocatorX has developed a software and hardware platform that allows for economical tracking of assets with an in-depth activity log of when and where an item is at any given time. This capability solves most forms of theft, diversion, and counterfeiting for manufacturers and retailers. By serializing each CQR code using unique product IDs and appending a digital signature to each, we make our product practical, simple, and trustworthy.

B2B and B2C manufacturers, distributors, and retailers have been longing for the opportunity to dynamically connect with end users via unique products (UUID) to create a direct, real-time channel for exchanging information

Our Connect Page provides live experience data for end users and valuable engagement data for manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and marketing agencies.

Using the Connect Pages, each client will have the ability to register their own event data. Each event can have subsequent events and detailed data associated with it. LocatorX’s data storage solution is based on a definable Blockchain (DBL). Our DBL implements cryptographic measures to preserve the integrity and authenticity of logs, without compromising the performance of the system. The system is based on chaining the log entries using a combination of hash keys and digital signatures. Each of LocatorX’s partners and their applications has a pair of signing keys, thus the log authenticity and non-repudiation is guaranteed for their clients.

Scan - Connect Page - Definable Blockchain

Events That Trigger Connect Pages

Asset Type
Geo Location
Time stamp

About Our Clients

Due to the nature of our tracking technology, we cannot reveal the names of our client and/or partners at this time.