LocatorX is introducing a new suite of commercial products, enabling secure solutions for the tracking, tracing and location of assets. Our solutions will provide our clients and partners with the ability to instantly query an asset to determine its authenticity, contents, location, data events, and ownership history. The entire history of any asset can be securely logged via the Connect Pages.

TrackX technology allows users to cost effectively track nearly everything, everywhere and build and maintain a secure log on the handling of all assets.


  • Incredibly low-cost labels on assets linked to a Connect Page.
  • Configurable interaction with stakeholder for each asset type:
    • Where it belongs
    • What its status is
    • When it needs inspection
    • How to use it
    • Where it’s been
    • Who needs it
  • Ultra-secure data for nearly every asset
  • Asset tracking on demand
  • Asset tracing
  • Asset information is protected using cryptographic technology

    Connect Pages

    Connect Pages offer a new, dynamic value through interactive engagement, enabling rapid, low-cost implementations for any CQR. A Connect Page can be built and deployed relatively easy. As a client, you can choose whether you want the LocatorX development team to build the Connect Page(s) for your specific use case or we can route (redirect) the scan request to your own endpoint.

    The Connect Page provides live valuable engagement data for logistic providers, distributors and any other stakeholder within the supply chain. This technology allows for open exchange of information directly with end users in the field about specific assets. Effectively, all products with CQRs have been provided with unique identification numbers which enable complete lifecycle tracking.

    Connect Page Functions

  • Allows for transaction integrity, a full history of and enhanced information about any particular asset
  • Offers assembly instructions, tutorials videos, interaction with other assets, safety information, recalls,  reorders and more
  • Tracks the precise what, when, and where of any asset
  • Updates inventory automatically, links any asset to any subset (i.e. shipment, pallet, case, individual item, etc.)
  • Runs quality assurance reports on shipments
  • LocatorX’s CQR provides a cloud-based security framework and data structure to generate unique product codes. Our Certified Security Module SDK will enable stakeholders to manage and track secured and trusted asset information electronically. Any smartphone can instantly authenticate, provide asset location and ownership in real-time, improving supply chain visibility through the entire lifecycle. Enables compliance for asset acquisition, storage, maintenance, and disposal with Blockchain logs. Create different dynamic Geofence Connect Pages to enable rapid and low-cost implementations of printed labels.

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