Brand and Reputation Protection

Brand and
Reputation Protection

We solve problems related to knowing where your important things are and verifying their authenticity, location and the path they’ve taken.  Here are a few of the solutions that LocatorX delivers to its customers.  

Battling Counterfeit Products

Today, more and more counterfeit products enter the marketplace, costing untold billions of dollars in damage to the bottom lines and reputations of companies across the globe. LocatorX protects our customers’ brands by authenticating each individual item through advanced cryptographic technologies and methods.  By helping consumers select only those products that are legitimate, and notifying the companies when counterfeit products are found, LocatorX assists in the overall brand and reputational protection efforts that major brands face today.

Theft Deterrence

The theft of products is on the rise, from warehouses, from stores and even entire tractor trailers are hijacked and stolen on highways and from distribution centers. Because items carrying the LocatorX technology can be tracked anywhere they go, we can significantly reduce the volume of theft and act as a deterrent to would-be thieves.  

Minimizing Product Diversion

If your company has ever sold its products expecting them to be shipped to one market and had them show up somewhere else unexpectedly, you’ve been a victim of diversion. These contractual violations damage a company’s reputation and bottom line.  LocatorX can track the products being shipped and the moment they stray from their intended route, you can know where they’re headed, and take appropriate action.

Enhancing Customer Engagement

Whether you’d simply like to make it easier for consumers to register your products, would like to deliver on-line coupons, provide customer support or usage guidance in a variety of languages, or provide customer service, LocatorX provides customer engagement capabilities that are self-aware of the product being scanned.

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