Customer Privacy with the LocatorX Security Framework

April 18, 2019

April 18, 2019

Customer security is and will remain our first priority. Our promise of data privacy extends to the businesses that implement our technology in their assets, no matter the size or industry. It also extends to their clients and customers.

If you embed our technology in your own chips or labels, it will reshape your processes and your relationship with customers. You’ll have the ability to follow individual products through their lifecycle and cater to the timely, individual needs of your network. This can entail the capturing of certain data points in “event transactions” and using them for their intended purpose -- nothing more.

“The data is important for many stakeholders. The reasons are many and depend on the type of individual and type of asset that the certified quick response chip (CQR) or certified blue label (CBL) is affixed to,” says LocatorX Founder Billy Meadow.

When assets are delivered and exchange hands, relevant data will be logged through blockchain, and we will assist our partners with configuration and troubleshooting. A core feature of the LocatorX model is that the owners and recipients of items enabled with our technology will remain anonymous in our systems. Only those partners utilizing the tracking chips will be privy to this confidential information.

“We are primarily a facilitator, or middle man, for our clients and their customers,” says Jeff Kase, chief architect at LocatorX. “We will have no direct interaction with the customers in terms of identification, and we will not retain any customer-specific data.”

Prior to implementation, partners will be required to read, understand, and agree to certain terms that cover the bases of confidentiality. When we license our technology, clients are entering into an agreement that puts privacy first, and along with this, their customers’ complete piece of mind.

We will be providing a security framework to our clients to help them establish their network of locator chips and ensure the encryption and protection of information being gathered, which may include minimal basic details about asset recipients. Following our in-depth security protocols will be a requirement for any individual or company who utilizes our solutions. Outside of this, LocatorX will not handle any personal information.

“If a customer purchases a product with a chip, we will store a transaction indicating a change of ownership -- but the owner will be anonymous in our world,” says Kase. “Owners of an asset can be manufacturers, transportation companies, retailers, consumers -- and only those owners that are relevant to the status of an asset are preserved in our data.”

The LocatorX security framework will be publicly available as to eliminate any concerns or “grey areas,” for our partners and their customers alike. Details will be published in the coming months. In addition to ensuring ethical practices by our partners, the steps outlined in the framework will guarantee that assets -- and their containing data -- are safe from external threats.

“As long as you follow our system, cryptographically, it will be impossible to penetrate,” says Billy.

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