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April 2, 2019

April 2, 2019

Greetings from the LocatorX Family!  

Things are moving quickly here. We’re beyond excited about our revolutionary technology and the superlative team we’ve assembled to bring it to market. With the launch of the LocatorX blog, we hope to share our excitement, generate awareness, and deepen understanding -- about our company, our products, and the issues that inspire us to do what we do.

We’re thrilled to have you along for the ride.

The year ahead will be a roller coaster of growth as we scale our technology and lay the groundwork for its final phase: the Global Resource Locator. With this unprecedented tracking tool, we hope to shift paradigms in some of the largest global industries, from consumer goods to aviation.

“Our solid-state miniature atomic clock enables you to track almost anything, anywhere,” says LocatorX President and CEO, Scott Fletcher. “Once scaled, the patented Global Resource Locator will enable real-time tracking of almost any asset -- both indoors and outdoors -- at a low per-unit cost -- without the need for expensive beacon systems.”

In the coming months, we’ll delve into this technology, its origin, and its significance. We’ll also discuss specific use cases and the many ways we hope to improve lives and help businesses.

We believe we can, and will, change the world for the better. This begins and ends with our employees and our team culture. People are the heart and soul of LocatorX. As our product enters businesses and homes around the world, we want that message heard and felt by our customers.

“We are building a brand of trust based upon a culture of trust,” says Fletcher. The founding principles of LocatorX are disruptive innovation, invigorating engagement, and total well-being. Any success we find would ring hollow if we fail to carry these values every step of the way, in every aspect of our business.

Our homebase is currently in bustling Midtown Atlanta, up the road from Georgia Tech, at the shared offices of WeWork. The communal, startup vibe is an ideal setting to promote the work-life balance we encourage for our staff. Kombucha, dogs, all the good stuff. Remote work and work-from-home days are not uncommon, with flexible hours to accommodate our in-house employees.

We believe the best work gets done with this healthy, happy state of mind -- and we have a lot of work to do!

We started the year with a 10-person company and plan to finish 2019 with around 25. Our hiring team is actively looking for technical wizards (e.g. software coders, product managers) who can contribute not only to our product but also become irreplaceable members of our big family.

And so long as we can help it, everyone at LocatorX can and will be an impact player and change driver. Our onboarding process is such that, from day one, new hires are in the trenches -- with their actions felt and their ideas put into motion. This is at the core of our founding principles and how we plan to continue as a great place to work as we jump feet first into the future.

“We are selecting the best culture fits from our very talented applicants. We continue to invest in being a great place to work by maintaining our culture with every new hire,” says Fletcher.

“Community is our catalyst, and team players would feel at home with LocatorX.”

If you’re in the Atlanta area or able to relocate and want to be a part of something truly exciting, we’d love to hear from you and what you could bring to the table. All backgrounds of people are encouraged to apply. LocatorX would not have gotten this far without the vibrant, ambitious personalities of our launch staff -- and we certainly won’t fulfill our vision without recruiting a few more.

A sincere “thank you” to our families, friends, colleagues, and customers for making LocatorX what it is today and positioning the company for an amazing next chapter. To our new followers, we appreciate your time and interest, and we hope you will stay connected as we share product news and insights into this groundbreaking technology. We’re glad you could join us on this ride!

To inquire about a position, please send a detailed message to Applicants should include resumes and cover letters in their email. For additional content and updates, you can now follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn and subscribe to our mailing list.


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