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April 4, 2019

April 4, 2019

Data loss and theft is an unsettling, unfortunate storyline in the world of tech. Cybercrime has interrupted the lives of millions and continues to do so. Now, to make matters worse, consumer trust has been compromised by some of the biggest companies in the world.

As if hackers and viruses weren’t scary enough, people around the world are more concerned than ever about how businesses will use their data. And rightfully so. After moving our entire lives onto the Internet and our personal devices, we are learning together about the risks, including how companies can push the limits once we sign the dotted line on user agreements.

“Nearly everyone clicks ‘I accept,’” says LocatorX Founder Billy Meadow. “Some people are now updating their Facebook privacy settings after learning that what they thought was private is now an asset owned by Facebook.”

“Today, we should know the impact of accepting these terms and conditions. Unfortunately, many vendors make it hard for people to learn the ramifications. Thus, they can’t really do anything except be forced to ‘accept’ or simply not use the app that can impact their privacy.”

The team at LocatorX wants to get ahead of these issues, with full transparency and a promise that your personal security -- and your company’s security -- is the top priority for us.

“A lot of peoples' data is being abused by large firms,” says Billy. “There are so many privacy violations, and we’re not going to let that happen with our customers' products.”

“We’re going to enforce integrity and protect the brands we work with.”

Our Global Resource Locator will enable the most reliable, powerful asset tracking that’s ever been experienced, thanks to our patented atomic clock-powered microchips. This will create an extraordinary value proposition for a wide range of industries, from shipping to consumer goods. As assets move around and exchange hands, whether a machine part or a box of cereal, our customers will be able to keep location history logs and other relevant information with help from blockchain technology.

Using our technology as intended, we are confident that any and all data will remain private and intact, and all processes will be GDPR compliant. Anybody handling an asset that features our tracking product will be able to do so with complete peace of mind.

In the coming weeks, LocatorX will be releasing technical documents for the client-facing security framework. We are also planning video content to help illustrate our current and upcoming capabilities. At every stop along the way, we will do everything in our power to educate and support our customers.

“Trust will be the core asset of LocatorX, and it is paramount for building our company brand. And it is important to enable our MarTech partners and their large corporate customers to trust our brand as well.”

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