The Power of Recognition

The LocatorX Team

August 16, 2019

August 16, 2019

In today’s culture blog, let’s discuss the topic of internal and external recognitions.

Internally, wellbeing and engagement top the priorities of today’s workforce. So think about instituting perks such as gym and massage reimbursements within your benefits portfolio. These items go a long way to convey your organization’s commitment to employee (and family) wellbeing.  

Items that have been around in most workplaces such as spot awards, gift cards, movie tickets, and the like still work for short-term morale gains. Employees appreciate these gestures, and even a little gift can leave a lasting impression.

More importantly, employees want to feel that their manager — and the rest of the leadership team, all the way to the top — respects their employee “voice,” inspires innovation in broad facets of the business, and understands the commitment being made to drive exceptional outcomes. Engagement is key, and this aspect of culture will continue to trump strategy. Organizations should regularly survey their employees, using tools such as NPS (net promoter score) to gauge the engagement dimension within their own environment.

Externally, in the majority of regional markets, there are a multitude of community, association, and institute recognition opportunities that organizations can typically pursue. Here at LocatorX we are proud to have been recently recognized as one of the 10 Coolest Companies by Atlanta Inno, and we are honored to share the distinction with some incredible peers in the local tech scene.

We love being acknowledged as a cool company based on our great culture, and we’re already identifying the next series of recognitions that we’ll vie for, including our Great Place to Work Certification! Qualifying for such recognitions truly validates the good work and programs that organizations embrace culturally, and it can fuel the fire for years of continued excellence.

At LocatorX, we are energized daily by the opportunities we have to promote and pursue internal and external recognition programs. If you also get energized by creative innovation in product, technology, customers, and culture, we truly encourage you to drop us a note as we’d love to connect and engage with you.

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