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Asset Management

Misplaced assets are a liability.

LocatorX is a blockchain-enabled platform that preserves, protects and locates your assets.
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Do you know where your assets are?

Whether it’s laptops, defibrillators or forklifts, fixed assets are a critical part of your business.

Knowing where your assets are means being able to leverage their value. But being able to find your assets isn’t just about putting them to use.

Your assets represent a sizeable portion of your balance sheet, and you need to locate each one to avoid costly write-offs and expenses. That’s easier said than done when your assets are on the road or with employees who work from home. How can you really know where your assets are or whether they are in use?

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LocatorX helps you locate and maintain your equipment so you can put it in the right hands at the right time.
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Track Your Assets

LocatorX goes beyond barcodes to tag and trace every asset as it’s used or moved, completely automating your asset management process. You'll never again be left wondering where your assets are or how many you have.


Protect your equipment from loss through easy and comprehensive checkout and check-in functionality.


Track and locate your assets regardless of industry or environment.


Automate physical inventory of your fixed assets, providing documentation to support your balance sheet.


Locate urgently needed equipment anywhere in your facilities.


Identify owner, status, and maintenance schedule with one quick scan. Deliver asset details to employees, asset managers and loss prevention personnel.

The LocatorX Asset Management Solution

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The primary portal and core element of the LocatorX Solution Suite, LXConnect comprises the central dataset of asset attributes and all detection, tracking, maintenance, movement, and location information.

The LXConnect platform creates universally unique Digital Birth Certificates needed to track each asset at the item level.
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As soon as assets enter your possession, you can tag them with our SmartLabel, which creates a unique Digital Birth Certificate—the starting point for your insight into everything that happens to that item.  

With LX AudiTrak, you can then capture significant events related to your assets, such as receipt, assignment, movement, service, maintenance, and disposal. You can also check loaner assets in and out as they are lent and returned. Key events are logged as encrypted, creating a “chain of trust” for your organization.
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Anywhere there is data, there must also be security. LX Security Hub is a transparent gateway that enables you to manage secure communication to labels, tags, wearables, loT devices, and equipment.

LX Security Hub provides bidirectional access to your existing ERP, CMMS or other applications through secure APIs.
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LX LogisticsPro is a smartphone app that allows authorized users to update the status and information of your assets being tracked by LXConnect.  

With LX LogisticsPro, the scenarios and use cases are virtually unlimited. You can track the events and status of your assets as they move inside or beyond your buildings, require repair, or anything else that will help your business fulfill its mission. Each status update is captured immutably in LXConnect and available for audit, historical reporting, and analytics.

Tracking Options for Every Operational Environment

Tracking your inventory in LXConnect is easy with either SmartLabels or a LocatorX Bluetooth tracking device. Using the LX LogisticsPro app, any smartphone can scan our SmartLabels capturing all the data in the LXConnect platform. Or you can use our AtlasLX Bluetooth Low Energy tags, which are paired with an EchoLX reader to sync location information with LXConnect.

The decision to use smartphone enabled optical scans or AtlastLX Bluetooth tags—or a combination of both—depends on what you’re tracking. Inventory that moves through various set stages of processing through your warehouse may be better suited for optical scans. High-value, high risk items and items stored in totes that require assembly may be better tracked with Bluetooth tags. Our team is here to help find the solution that makes the most sense for your business.
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Learn How Schoolhouse Brewing Streamlines
Keg Management with LocatorX

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Schoolhouse Brewing is going to be using LocatorX’s technology to track equipment and help develop a teaching tool for our at-home brewing kits. We’ll be able to go paperless through the use of LocatorX’s QR codes, but still be able to share the latest recipes, tips, and educational info with our customers.”

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Thomas Monti Head Brewer

Schoolhouse Brewing

Stop Wasting Time Trying To Find Lost Assets.

Manual tracking doesn’t make sense in a digitally connected world.
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