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Get Closer To Your Customers.

LocatorX is a blockchain-enabled platform that delivers personalized brand experiences through your product’s lifecycle.
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Engage With Customers Beyond the Point of Sale.

Once your products are on the shelf, it is difficult, expensive, or downright impossible to get detailed information on how your customers interact with it.

Then there’s the difficulty of staying connected once your customers leave the store. You have a million ideas on how to engage post-sale, but current avenues for interaction require customers to enter bulky alpha­numeric codes into websites that don’t fit seamlessly into their use of your product.

How can you continue to engage with your customers throughout your product’s lifecycle when it’s all beyond your control?

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LocatorX enables you to get closer to customers, providing more value to your customers post-purchase while gaining user insights and safeguarding their data.

Drive Customer Engagement

With LocatorX’s unique Certified QR codes connected to dynamic, geo-located landing pages, you can deliver personalized experiences to your customers. Send usage instructions, warranty registration, promotions and more.


Engage consumers individually, right on their own smartphone, without requiring them to register. Drive dialogue, interaction and communication based on data you collect.


Deliver contextual messaging, with time-and location-sensitive awareness for specific customer interaction.


Add multimedia content to deliver dynamic experiences at the point of sale. Then collect data on how your customers consume the information.


Launch interactive live conversations, such as installation walk-throughs, usage instructions,  support calls, or telemedicine events.
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The LocatorX Customer Engagement Solution

Trademarked LXConnect logo
The primary portal and core element of the LocatorX Solution Suite, LXConnect comprises the central dataset of product attributes and all counterfeit detection, scanning, and location information.

The LXConnect platform creates each universally unique Digital Birth Certificate needed to track products at the item level.
Trademarked LXAudiTrak logo
As soon as a product enters your possession, you can tag it with our SmartLabel, which creates a unique Digital Birth Certificate—the starting point for your insight into everything that happens to that item.  

LX AudiTrak captures the details every time your customer engages, keeping track of events such as product registrations, promotional offers, repairs, returns and changes of ownership, creating a "chain of trust" for your customers and a rich source of information for ongoing customer marketing and engagement.
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Anywhere there is data, there must also be security. LX Security Hub is a transparent gateway that enables you to manage secure communication to labels, tags, wearables, loT devices, and equipment.

LXSecurity Hub provides bidirectional access to your existing manufacturing, marketing, financial or other applications through secure APIs.
This multi-functional smartphone application engages your customers with an endless array of options, including product registration, ratings and surveys, promotions, user instructions, access to customer support and much more.

Unlike the typical "webpage" engagement tools used today, your customers don't need to register or provide any personal information. You can offer bi-directional communication that delivers value without asking your customers to sacrifice privacy.
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The Possibilities are Endless

Imagine these Pre-Sale Interactions

  • Validate ingredients, date of manufacture or expiration
  • Review feature list, videos or product comparisons
  • Determine presence of allergens (foodborne, fabric, etc.)
  • Review product provenance and path to market
  • Determine degree of recycled or sustainable-materials content
  • Check recall status
  • Check product reviews and ratings
  • Validate product's authenticity

Imagine these Post-Sale Interactions

  • Participate in Customer Loyalty programs
  • Display coupons for future purchases of same or related products
  • View product use or instructional information
  • Promote customer satisfaction surveys
  • Provide help or receive questions from customers
  • Offer return authorization codes
  • Receive product reviews or ratings
  • Offer recipes, complimentary products, user groups, etc.

LocatorX Honored with 2021 Stevie Award for
Accomplishments in Product Innovation

Testimonial Image

Excellent product for enabling companies to better manage assets, protect inventory, and engage with customers along with providing a comprehensive and immutable audit trail of key events.”

Stevie Judge

Engage With Your Consumers and Elevate Your Brand Above the Rest

Explore the unlimited possibilities when you interact with your customers.
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