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Inventory Automation

Still Managing Inventory with
Paper and Spreadsheets?

LocatorX is a blockchain-enabled platform that automates inventory processes within your warehouse or stockroom.

Managing Your Inventory Means Knowing Its Location At All Times.

Every unknown in your process costs you money.

Everyone wants better visibility into where their inventory is located and the path it takes throughout the warehouse or stockroom. Because the moment you can’t find something that you or your customer needs, productivity takes a hit.

While there are countless warehouse management applications available for large-scale operations, thousands of smaller warehouses and stockrooms try to manage inventory with paper-based processes. These manual approaches are rife with challenges and inefficiencies caused by inconsistent tracking, inaccurate data capture or entry, and limited visibility into what is really happening with their inventory.

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LXConnect platform
LocatorX captures inventory movement quickly and easily, allowing you to track and report inventory location and status, while providing insights into often opaque parts of your business.
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Automate Your Inventory Processes

From receiving to putaway to shipping—and everything in between—LocatorX automates your data capture, location tracking, and status reporting of your inventory. Save time, money, and resources with accurate, up-to-date information on what you have and where it is.


Track arrivals, movement and departures of inventory automatically.


Protect yourself from shrinkage, loss, theft and diversion.


Integrate with robotics, warehouse management and inventory control systems for seamless operational effectiveness.


Analyze and report your inventory activities, quantities, status and locations easily and quickly.

The LocatorX Inventory Automation Solution

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The primary portal and core element of the LocatorX Solution Suite, LXConnect comprises the central dataset of inventory attributes including tracking, movement, and location information.

The LXConnect platform creates each universally unique Digital Birth Certificate needed to track inventory at the item level.
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As soon as inventory enters your possession, you can tag it with our SmartLabel, which creates a unique identifier—the starting point for your insight into everything that happens to that item.  

With LX AudiTrak, you can then capture significant events of your creation, such as receiving, putaway, picking, staging, and shipping. Key events are logged as encrypted, creating a “chain of trust” for the recipient.
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Anywhere there is data, there must also be security. LX Security Hub is a transparent gateway that enables you to manage secure communication to labels, tags, wearables, loT devices, and equipment.

LX Security Hub provides bidirectional access to your existing manufacturing, warehouse, financial or other applications through secure APIs.
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LX LogisticsPro is a smartphone app that allows users to update the status and information of the inventory items being tracked by LXConnect.  

With LX LogisticsPro, the scenarios and use cases are virtually unlimited. You can track the events and status of your inventory such as receipt, putaway, pick and ship, as it moves throughout your facility. Each status update is captured immutably in LXConnect and available for audit, historical reporting, and analytics.

Tracking Options for Every Operational Environment

Tracking your inventory in LXConnect is easy with either SmartLabels or a LocatorX Bluetooth tracking device. Using the LX LogisticsPro app, any smartphone can scan our SmartLabels capturing all the data in the LXConnect platform. Or you can use our AtlasLX Bluetooth Low Energy tags, which are paired with an EchoLX reader to sync location information with LXConnect.

The decision to use smartphone enabled optical scans or AtlastLX Bluetooth tags—or a combination of both—depends on what you’re tracking, your inventory volumes and turns. Our team is here to help find the solution that makes the most sense for your business.
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The Alarming Costs of Paper-based
Inventory Management

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Download our white paper to learn about the alarming costs of paper-based inventory management and the quickest, most cost-effective way to achieve near-perfect inventory accuracy.

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