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Go beyond A Track and Trace Solution.

LocatorX is the Intelligent IoT platform that provides a unique digital fingerprint for your product lifecycle, supply chain and beyond.
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Take Global Real-Time Tracking and Tracing TO THE NEXT LEVEL.

Get a 360-degree, real-time global view of your
supply chain.

Designed to sit natively within the Salesforce platform, LocatorX goes beyond a track and trace solution. By combining its tag and data intelligence with your existing data, real-time maps and Slack alerts, you can proactively engage throughout the supply chain process.

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A screenshot showing the LocatorX app sitting natively within Salesforce
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A Powerful Combination: LocatorX + Salesforce

Leveraging LocatorX within your Salesforce instance provides a single view of the critical information for high-value products from manufacturing, to the warehouse, through delivery and usage.
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Prevent theft and loss in real-time

Any anomalies or deviations from the expected route can trigger automated workflows sending alerts to the right channels (email, Slack, text, etc), opening a case for the remediation process and escalating sensitive cases in Service Cloud with Swarm messaging.
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Gain 100% real-time global visibility

Keep a virtual digital eye on packages and assets across every mile, not just at the scanning points of entry and exit. Know exactly where your packages are in real-time from storage to the moment they leave the warehouse through the final delivery destination.
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Optimize inventory management & automate reordering

Know where your assets are so that you can maintain optimal stocking levels. By combining the tag data with your inventory information, you could create automated triggers in Salesforce to reorder assets when inventory is low and reduce your procurement costs.
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Harness the power of the data

Leverage the extensive amount of data collected by LocatorX for every package including tracker pings, sensor data, transit data including start, stop, enroute, Logistic Pro Cloud (LPC)-enabled scanning events and more. The data can be sent to Data Cloud for robust reporting and analysis.
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Facilitate data accuracy and save time

Eliminate manual entry and errors by automatically populating the associated data in Salesforce through LocatorX’s unique CQR code tagged to the specific asset.
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Reduce equipment downtime

Leverage tag data collected to proactively schedule maintenance based on a predictive schedule for all equipment. Have critical equipment ready, when needed and with peace of mind that it is functioning properly.
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Eliminate hardware barriers

LocatorX is your single source to supply the best-of- breed hardware that meets your specific needs including Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), LoRaWAN, satellite and GPS all in one single view.
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Enable provenance and pedigree management

Be confident that components are legitimately sourced and not counterfeited or from unapproved locations. You can trust that the asset you order is the asset you receive.
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Monitor drug movement and storage to support
Cold Chain

Equipped with environmental sensors, LocatorX can trigger workflows and create alerts when changes or anomalies occur that deviate from the thresholds you define related to temperature, speed and height variances from the warehouse through delivery.
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Optimize routes and deliveries

Automatically be alerted when proof of delivery is confirmed the minute your pharmaceutical package is accepted at its final destination.
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Enhance the chain of custody

Automatic documentation of the package’s journey, enabling reporting to support compliance mandates including capturing critical events, alerts and actions..
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Accelerate revenue recognition

Automatically be alerted when proof of delivery is confirmed the minute your pharmaceutical package is accepted at its final destination.

It's time to take tracking To The Next Level.

Siloed applications, information barriers and multiple interfaces are a thing of the past.
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