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Manufacturers can take a stand against counterfeiting and enable consumers to purchase with confidence
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Counterfeiting and pirating of commercial goods is a massive global challenge

Brands agree that counterfeit products are a problem for their organization and their industry. Not only do counterfeit goods affect the bottom line, but it also damages their reputation, their workforce, and could be dangerous for the consumer.

The need for authentication of goods is clear. Customs agents, distributors, retailers, and customers all want to know that the items they’re processing, selling, or purchasing are authentic and safe.
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Calm Your Stakeholders with the LocatorX Product Certificate Authority™

LocatorX has merged the anti-counterfeit capabilities of digital certificate authorities with the technology of QR codes into a proprietary method for encoding validation and verification data - the Certified QR (CQR).

The CQR is effective at tracking products & identifying counterfeit goods because it has a unique identifier for every individual product to which it is affixed, allowing manufacturers to embed specific validation data. Consumers scan the CQR, validating the product’s authenticity before purchase.
infographic of the LocatorX suite of productsInfographic of LocatorX suite of products

Fight Counterfeiters at Their Own Game

Each CQR is unique to a specific product. That means any counterfeiter who duplicates a code will attach it to a product that no longer matches. The end-user will know immediately if they’re holding a counterfeit product.

Encrypted scan data can be accessed on your LXConnect dashboard to easily identify gaps in your supply chain susceptible to counterfeit. Enabling you to make smart, timely business decisions
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Software to Track the Important Things in Your Life.

LocatorX offers a suite of solutions through a single dynamic platform, but it all starts with understanding your specific challenges. Our team will work with you to create a detailed map of your operational hurdles, which we use to find opportunities to improve your business outcomes and achieve your goals.


We affix tracking CQRs that uniquely identify every individual product you want to authenticate.


We provide an authentication pass/fail when your unique CQR is scanned - either during transit, at the retailer, or by the end consumer


We encrypt the data with blockchain and transpose it into dashboard reports so you can see where scans happened and identify gaps in your supply chain

Get Ahead of Counterfeiters and Help Us Change the World

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