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Push Back Against Counterfeits.

LocatorX is a blockchain-enabled platform that puts the power of product validation into your customer’s hands.
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It's the Problem No One Wants to Talk About.

Your reputational risk doubles when you don’t proactively protect your customers.

Counterfeiters have slithered their way from luxury items into everyday products from toothpaste to N95 masks, creating a $2+ trillion annual problem globally.

At worst, this influx of fakes can seriously harm your customers. At best, even ‘benign’ counterfeit products cut into your top line revenue and bottom line profits, and damage the reputation of your company's and its products. Many companies worry that even the admission of fakes can hurt their reputation. We believe that a proactive stance in protecting your customers helps you avoid negative outcomes, and only strengthens your brand.

Let us show you how you can protect your brand.
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We give your customers the knowledge they need to identify legitimate products. LocatorX assists in the inevitable brand and reputation protection efforts organizations like yours face every day.

Protect Your Customers & Your Brand

With unique Certified QR codes connected to our dynamic platform, LocatorX gives your customers the knowledge they need to identify legitimate products and sends automatic notifications to you when counterfeit products are scanned.


Reassure customers that they’re buying the real thing. They can authenticate items by comparing the product in their hand with the identifying attributes captured at point of manufacture.


Identify vulnerabilities in the supply chain at every level. Distributors can confirm that the incoming cases or pallets are from the intended manufacturer rather than a counterfeiter.


Evaluate the extent of your counterfeit risk and impact.  While legal action can shut down a seller or fake products, without an authentication program in place, you can't know whether the products being sold were legitimate, diverted or counterfeit.

The LocatorX Authentication Solution

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The primary portal and core element of the LocatorX Solution Suite, LXConnect comprises the central dataset of every interaction you have with your products and customers, including the information allowing your customers to identify product counterfeits.
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Tagging items as they’re manufactured or distributed with our SmartLabel, allows you to provide details related to those products that can be used by customers to validate their authenticity, reducing the likelihood of counterfeit products damaging your brand.
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Anywhere there is data, there must also be security. LX Security Hub is a transparent gateway that enables you to manage secure communication to labels, tags, wearables, loT devices, and equipment.

LX Security Hub provides bidirectional access to your existing manufacturing, warehouse, financial or other applications through secure APIs.
This multi-functional smartphone application allows your customers to quickly and easily validate your products' authenticity.  One quick scan allows them to compare the product in their hand with information you captured as it was manufactured.  Pictures, packaging, serial numbers, lot numbers and similar information cannot be faked by counterfeiters.  And because every product has a unique label, LXConnect detects duplicates immediately and notifies you of problems.
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A Two-Pronged Defense

Customer Authentication

By putting authentication control in your customer’s hands, you’re giving them peace of mind. When they scan unique QR codes with the LX ProductScan mobile app, they can confirm product legitimacy, register its warranty, or access any other product information you want to provide. A faked code will auto-generate a warning to the customer, and then alert you.

Supply Chain Authentication

With the LX ProductScan mobile app, distributors and retailers can validate individual products, cartons, cases, or pallets. Through the LXConnect platform, they can inspect manufactured date, lot and batch numbers, model numbers, or an image—whatever you think is necessary to verify the item is authentic.

LocatorX Honored with 2021 Stevie Award for
Accomplishments in Product Innovation

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Innovative and secure tracking technologies like this will offer global track and trace capabilities throughout product/asset lifecycle, offer protection against theft and counterfeit goods.”

Stevie Judge

Protect Your Customers, Enhance Your Reputation.

Take the initiative to tackle this growing problem head on—
your customers will thank you.
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