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June 28, 2019

June 28, 2019

In 2019, factories are facing a unique new reality. Processes are evolving with complex software and artificial intelligence. And along with this, the billions of products shipped around the world -- along with the factories themselves -- are facing unheard-of security challenges.

These risks are not deterring the consumer goods industry. On the contrary, we’re seeing more packaged goods than ever before. One example is the global beverage packaging market, which is projected to reach $173.26 billion by 2025.

The demand shows no signs of slowing. So manufacturers will have to learn and adapt on-the-go, addressing their security threats before they happen.  

One of the many layers to the security question is tracking: Of equipment, parts, and of boxes and units as they travel to their final destination.

Any number of incidents can occur in the shipping lifecycle: Cases can be stolen, misplaced or used in counterfeiting; Products can be contaminated or altered; Trucks can be hacked and rerouted. And while this can often involve criminals and cyberattacks, there’s also an unfortunately high number of incidents involving employees themselves. Employee theft is costing U.S. businesses $50 billion a year.

One of our core missions at LocatorX is to give brands a better option for tracking, from the factory equipment to the cases being shipping around the world … and even to the individual units. Each of these objects, and their safe delivery, is critical to your brand’s success and also to the wellbeing of your customers. So the more you know - about the location of your orders, and who is in possession - the better. Not just for security, but for overall efficiency and returns.

TrackX is our current solution built around these needs. Using our unique 2D barcode technology, integrated into shipping and packing labels, companies can track every asset and quickly store event logs onto digital Connect Pages. Not only does this allow the sender to keep tabs on the products, but it also lets clients and partners query their assets to learn about owner histories, contents, and more.

By deploying this solution in your daily packaging systems, for a cost not much higher than standard materials and labels, you can achieve new levels of awareness in your supply chain. And in the coming months we will be releasing updates on our solid-state miniature atomic clock, which we believe is the future of asset tracking.  

If you have a case packaging operation, or are poised to develop one for your business, we value your safety and your peace of mind -- and that of your customer base -- first and foremost. From counterfeiting to data privacy, we hope you’ll take the time to safeguard your packaging and all other aspects of your production.

Finally, we want you to feel confident in the whereabouts of your products, not to mention their integrity along the way. Using our barcode solutions, each location these boxes are stopped at, along with the people handling them, will be uploaded and stored at every exchange. The original shippers can then access this information at any time, while other senders along the way can ensure that cases reach their intended destinations.

Your company’s packaging systems demand the same investment toward new technology as your other systems. And this investment doesn’t have to break the bank or disrupt your current flow of business. Tracking your packaging equipment and your packaged goods with LocatorX is a sensible step toward the future of your business.

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