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March 5, 2020

March 5, 2020

The demand for advanced asset tracking has never been greater than this very moment, and it is only poised to grow larger. As discussed in our last blog, “digital proof points” are part of an ongoing movement to digitally track shipped assets along their journey — where they’ve been, who has interacted with them, and in what ways.

Using modern technologies, these noteworthy events in the supply chain can be automatically and securely documented whenever a package is scanned, whether leaving or arriving at a destination. This process helps to verify product authenticity and safety for customers and suppliers.

LocatorX is proudly dedicated to this cause of bringing transparency and peace of mind to suppliers and their customers, with multiple solutions on the market and more currently in development.

Product Certificate Authority

In January of this year, LocatorX released its Product Certificate Authority (PCA) solution. Using a unique Certified QR Code, or CQR, suppliers can effortlessly encode validation and verification data for their product inventory across all touchpoints. This allows authorized employees, transporters, and even customers to certify product authenticity.


To complement this solution, businesses can leverage the LXConnect integrated knowledge platform. This platform enables the stakeholders involved with a particular product to access context-specific insights, including every location and change of ownership in the asset’s history. In addition to tracking and authentication, this robust platform can assist with automated inventory management and other business functions. What’s more, this solution allows for the creation of customizable “Connect Pages,” which can be accessed via scans of the corresponding smart labels.

Connect Pages provide both customer engagement and data collection before, during, and after purchase, with configurations for digital coupons, user manuals, return authorization, and more. LXConnect helps business teams make the most of their digital transformation. The codes are embedded onto assets or packaging, generating a mountain of customer data while maximizing customer engagement with products and the brand as a whole. Using blockchain technology all business and customer data is safely stored and encrypted securely.

Product and customer safety is a moving target of sorts, as threats become more complex and widespread at a rapid pace. Digital proof points such as those developed by LocatorX help place some control back in the hands of businesses and their supply chain partners — not to mention their customers — whatever bumps lie ahead.

Why leave your customers, employees, and partners in the dark about a product’s authenticity? With digital proof points, you can ensure your products and customers never get lost in the supply chain jungle. For more information on digital proof points and a potential solution for your business, contact the team at LocatorX.

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