As an integrated knowledge platform, LXConnect™ provides every stakeholder of a tagged asset context-specific insight into the asset.  For manufacturers and logistics providers, it provides constant monitoring of each asset’s location, journey and change of ownership. For warehouses and retailers, it provides automated, real-time inventory management and for consumers, LXConnect™ provides myriad ways to learn about the products they’re buying and increases engagement with those that provide them.

To enable a digital view of the physical asset, the LXConnect™ solution uses smart labels with unique Certified QR Codes printed on labels or embedded in product labels with Certified Chips containing NFC (Near Field Communication) or Bluetooth tags. These smart labels provide secure updates to activity on the asset and provide a launching point to the Connect Pages.

LXConnect™ provides Connect Pages, enabling a rapid and low-cost mechanism for agile consumer engagement, providing a live, real-time consumer experience and collecting highly valuable engagement data for manufacturers, distributors, retailers and marketing agencies.

Consumer-oriented Connect Pages can collect and/or provide customized data to and from the consumer, enabling your organization to be extremely nimble in your interactions with customers. Some examples of Connect Page uses include:

  • Coupons and/or Rewards – either pre-purchase for the specific product to which the page is attached or for follow-on purchases of other affiliated brands.
  • Social Media Engagement – allowing consumers to quickly and easily post and/or like product information on their preferred social platform.
  • Product Alerts and Notifications – recalls, expiration, safety updates and/or general product information can be provided to those consumers affected.  
  • Product Reviews – providing ratings and comments from other customers to assist in purchase persuasion.
  • Instructions and Usage Manuals – provide all assembly, installation and/or use instructions in the users preferred language without the cost of multi-language booklets having to be shipped with the product.
  • Surveys – collect consumer insight on an ongoing basis from your consumers.
  • Help and Question Submission – allow your customers to submit question or gain assistance specific to the product they’ve purchased.
  • Return Authorization – location- and product-specific return processing can be arranged through a Connect Page.  Identify reasons for returns, and track when/where damage is occurring in your delivery chain.
  • Loyalty Program Integration – through badging, points or other affinity programs, your customer can connect each purchase to their account.

Industry-oriented Connect Pages provide product/asset location, journey, ownership change and exception reporting at whatever level (item, carton, pack, palette or container) you determine when you establish your tagging strategy.  Similarly, Connect Pages can identify real-time inventory reporting and integrate to your Inventory Management system via the LocatorX Certified Security Architecture™.

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