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Don’t Let Your Kegs Go Astray

Keeping track of your kegs – and most importantly, your valuable craft inside them, is difficult for a growing brewery. Precious time and money are wasted if you lose one keg, even for a short period of time.

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LocatorX provides accurate, cost-effective keg tracking software enabling you to track the location of your kegs with your smartphone or tablet. 

Our easy and inexpensive solution tracks kegs, optimizes return cycles, and reduces costs allowing you to spend more time doing what you do best - making great beer and sharing it with others. With LocatorX keg tracking software you can:

  • Eliminate keg loss
  • Increase visibility of kegs & pallets
  • Increase quality control
  • Improve keg management
  • Optimize return cycles
  • Control your keg fleet

Easily Track Your Kegs 

Tracking your kegs through production, storage, sales, and delivery has never been easier. Our keg tracking solution leverages an innovative SmartTag we call a Certified QR Code, which can be easily attached to your kegs allowing you to monitor their movement from your smartphone or tablet. 

Optimize Return Cycles

With LocatorX you can reduce cycle times and improve production planning by knowing how long your kegs have been with your distributors. You’ll also be able to avoid situations where empty kegs sit with distributors for extended periods of time.

Reduce Costs

LocatorX SmartTags enable you to know where your kegs are when you need them. With our easy-to-use solution you’ll be able to eliminate the costs associated with lost kegs and put those savings right back into your business.

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"LocatorX is a valuable partner. They have worked alongside us to ensure their keg tracking solution solves our keg tracking problems and works for our brewery."

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Justin Waller, Assistant Brewer and Co-Owner,

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Schoolhouse Brewing Streamlines Keg Management with LocatorX

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