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Do More With What You Have.

LocatorX is a single dynamic platform with a suite of solutions that enable you to take full advantage of your products, assets, and engagement points.
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When you know where things are and how they’re being used, you can better leverage their value.

There will always be a competitor with a lower price or a faster delivery model. Staying competitive requires you to closely manage your assets and products giving you the agility to pivot quickly and easily.

Your assets and products have value, but it’s your ability to leverage them rapidly that helps you get ahead. With LocatorX, we offer you a way to collect location data points throughout your business operations, giving you the information you need to build great processes and execute with precision.
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LXConnect platform

Deploy Quickly and Scale Infinitely.

Unlike products and approaches that require a complete reworking of your processes and technology, the LocatorX platform is flexible enough to align with your current processes, adjusting only where necessary to remove management hurdles and improve outcomes. Its frictionless and fast implementation deliver meaningful results immediately.
infographic of the LocatorX suite of productsInfographic of LocatorX suite of products

The LocatorX Solution Suite

Track Your Assets

You’ve invested a lot in your assets. Yet owning something like equipment or machinery is useful only if you know where it is when you need it.

LocatorX software delivers precise location mapping. We help you manage your assets and their lifecycles, so you’re never forced to replace misplaced assets again.
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Manage Your Inventory

A lot can happen between receiving, putaway, staging, and shipping. You need a better idea of product lifecycles to streamline production and remedy supply chain issues.

LocatorX collects data on your products using unique mechanisms, tracking their movement and status, increasing your visibility as they move throughout your facility.
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Protect Your Brand

Counterfeit products—of every imaginable type—have flooded the market. This growth in crime not only eats at your revenue and profit, it poses reputational risk to your brand.

LocatorX puts the power of product authentication into your customer’s hands. They can scan to identify legitimate products, and you’ll be notified when counterfeit products are found.
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Engage Your Customers

You often have very little opportunity to connect with your customers once they have purchased your product. With LocatorX your engagement opportunities are endless.

With our unique QR codes, your customers are connected to dynamic, geo-located web pages called Connect Pages enabling you to provide installation instructions, warranty registrations, and promotions.
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Software to Track the Important Things in Your Life.

LocatorX offers a suite of solutions through a single dynamic platform, but it all starts with understanding your specific challenges. Our team will work with you to create a detailed map of your operational hurdles, which we use to find opportunities to improve your business outcomes and achieve your goals.


We provide tracking SmartTags that uniquely identify every asset or every individual product you want to locate.


We capture location and other data as your products travel to market or when your assets are used in your business.


We transform your data into valuable information by capturing where things came from and each interaction in a blockchain.

Stop Wondering & Start Tracking.

We’ll work together to leverage the best in tracking technology for your business goals—whatever they may be.
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