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October 18, 2019

October 18, 2019

LocatorX is sprinting toward the finish of 2019. 

It has been an incredible year, as the company relocated its headquarters to Atlanta and gained significant traction around its products. We recently expanded our advisory board as we prepare to bring the final stage of our tracking technology to market, and continue developing our existing solutions for new use cases.

On October 1, the company was proudly featured on Forbes.com. The article, titled “Atomic Clocks, Universal Location and the Internet of Things,” explores the science behind our patented miniature atomic clock technology, and how it enables safer, more powerful tracking than GPS. 

The Forbes article is a milestone for LocatorX, on the heels of another recent feature in Business Insider this June. We’re beyond excited that our disruptive technology is being covered on the global stage. With each passing day, we are more confident in our mission being ready for its closeup, and this feature is the latest and greatest exposure we have received. 

“We’ve had a tremendous response based upon the broad reach of Forbes’ distribution,” said LocatorX CEO Scott Fletcher, who was interviewed for the piece. “Many investors and business partners also specifically commented on the clear explanation provided on the complex physics of the miniature atomic clock and its powerful applications.”

There is a learning curve to the LocatorX family of products, and especially the miniature atomic clock we are refining and scaling for release next year. This article in Forbes may serve as a starting point for interested companies looking for new ways to track their assets, protect their products from counterfeiting, and ensure the safety of customer data

For those interested in learning even more about the atomic clock, you can visit this IEEE Spectrum article that is referenced within the Forbes piece.

Our recent spotlight in Forbes is only the tip of the iceberg. The company was recently interviewed by another major media organization on the topic of online retailing, and how LocatorX products will play a role in the behemoth industry. This special report on online retail is planned for release later this year. Additionally, we are forging partnerships with enterprise companies as well as the Department of Defense to utilize LocatorX products in their operations.

This would all mean nothing without a passionate, dedicated core of people on the LocatorX team. By year’s end we will have more than 20 people on the team, helping to carry our mission into 2020 and beyond. We strive to foster a culture of employee appreciation, and we believe this carries over into our products and services. If you are curious about becoming a part of LocatorX, we encourage you to visit our Careers page or email a letter of interest to GreatCandidates@LocatorX.com

Along with our team and business partners, we’d like to thank our families, friends, investors, and customers for helping us get to this point. And thank you to Forbes for helping to validate our years of hard work and for introducing us to their millions of readers. The best is yet to come. 

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