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The LocatorX Team

March 19, 2020

March 19, 2020

Scannable QR codes have become “The Little Engine That Could” of the technology world. Communities and corporations alike are finding new applications for these scrambled squares of pixels on a near-daily basis, pushing them forward in ways that the previous generation could not have imagined.

This technology had a brief moment in the sun over a decade ago, with some simple use cases in customer engagement (ex. scans for product information, branded contests, etc.). Today’s QR codes are an entirely different story, thanks to smartphones and a shared enthusiasm among brands, customers, and developers.

There seems to be more coverage of QR codes and their expanding uses with each news cycle, in the U.S. and abroad. For instance:

●     Businesses from electric scooters to restaurants are taking to QR as an accepted form of payment, using integrations with mobile wallets and custom apps.

●     Farms and food manufacturers are linking codes to information about food origins and quality for curious shoppers.

●     Police forces in India are tracking the routes of officers and improving their accountability using QR code check-ins.

●     China has instituted a QR rating system for assessing population health and risk factors to help contain the coronavirus outbreak.


From customer brands and retail stores to government agencies and city planners, QR codes have become a bona fide phenomenon, painting over the disappointments of their initial run. These are not your grandpa’s QR codes -- they are a thoroughly disruptive tech in a tiny package, with no ceiling in sight.


How LocatorX Uses QR Codes

LocatorX believes that QR codes will not only make life more convenient, but safer as well, for businesses and customers alike. We’ve incorporated these codes as a prominent component in our line of solutions, and have seen a continuous increase in the number of scans from customers over the past three years. In the next few years and beyond, QR codes are positioned to be a fixture in our daily lives and we’re proud to be on the ground floor of this ongoing movement.


At the center of the LocatorX product line are Certified QR Codes (CQR), an advanced version of the technology that can be easily embedded onto product labels, packages, and other assets. Using our LXConnect platform, businesses can leverage CQR to boost visibility, customer engagement, and security across their distributed assets, whether on warehouse shelves or in transit across the world.

The unparalleled inventory management and asset tracking, made possible with these solutions, can stop counterfeiters in their tracks, helping to eliminate one of the most pressing challenges for today’s suppliers. Using these solutions, you and your team can keep a tight watch on each and every product or part in your supply chain -- every time a QR code is scanned, it securely stores the details of a product’s location and ownership.

Not only does this lend peace of mind to the business, but it allows customers and partners to quickly verify the authenticity of a purchase while ensuring it was handled appropriately along its journey. 

Customer Engagement

We also want brands to tap into this technology with customizable applications that suit their needs. LXConnect allows for the creation of Connect Pages that consumers can access when they scan your product, whether after delivery or right in the store. These digital experiences can include brand surveys, coupons, user manuals, loyalty programs, and more. Connect Pages allow you to maximize customer engagement and curate the most rewarding relationships possible. 

Not bad for a little square of pixels, right? Your grandpa would be proud.

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